4 techniques for writing professional essay

Writing essay (essay) is an English essay that many people see, they have to shake their head and raise the white flag along the way. Because writing the essay correctly and to the point is not easy. But it is something that everyone can practice as well. The main structure of the essay is divided into 3 parts, namely Introduction, Body and Conclusion. By writing all three parts, in addition to having to write in English grammar. But it may take some writing techniques to get your essay interesting.

Write an intro to attract
An Introduction is an introduction that is considered the first paragraph of an essay, which is very important in writing because you will be writing according to the topic you set without being too long. This may take only 1-2 minutes to read, including writing to attract readers to feel the urge to read more. Another important aspect of writing an introduction is to write the main idea in this paragraph, letting the reader know what you want to mention. But be careful not to write a summary of everything in this paragraph.

Concise content, not disturbing, does not go out of style
Following the introduction, it would be inevitable to write in the body or the body itself, writing this paragraph is considered to be the longest part that has it all. Which you will be able to write in multiple paragraphs By writing in the Body, it is necessary to have a complete message. It is concise, simple and able to sequence the sequence naturally from start to finish without wobbling. In addition, you should not write off the topic. But the content should be written according to the Main idea, which is your duty to expand the reader’s understanding to the fullest extent possible.

Correct grammar Vocabulary to the content
One more thing, keep in mind that the Body section is the longest part of the essay and the reader will spend the most time reading and considering it. Therefore, it is also important to write correctly grammar or grammar and tense in English. Believe that if you write correct tenses in English You are guaranteed to be more than half of the victory. There are also parts of the English vocabulary that should be taken with extra caution as well. That is, leverage out the hard words to make the sentences look spectacular. If you are confident that it will fit your content, it will be nice and special to your essay, but if it doesn’t fit your content, it will definitely make your essay look distorted.

Write an impressive summary
Conclusion is the final paragraph of the essay, emphasizing the main idea and summarizing what we are writing about. That is the topic that we wrote. You can also write an interesting ending by adding the author’s opinion in this. They try to avoid the word “I think…” but may use the word “In my opinion,…” instead. You can simply start a cool sentence saying “In conclusion, in my opinion…” and then an extended sentence. It will make your conclusion interesting. And impress the readers even more as well