Professional Essay Writing Techniques Keep scooping the full score. From the committee

When it comes to writing Essay, we believe all friends will want to scream. Because it is very difficult Where to think about the content How to write to be pleasing to the reader Must be written in the grammar So, we have a very simple Essay writing technique for all your friends to use in your study and work.

The structure of the Essay writing consists of 3 parts.

Introduction: The first paragraph of the Essay used to open the subject. Or the first part of the essay that tells the reader what the essay is talking about. Usually, it doesn’t include too much detail. A good introduction should attract the reader’s attention and make them want to know what the next content will be. It’s easy to make the reader want to read our Essay until the end. Within the Introduction, there will be a Thesis Statement, which is an important sentence that tells the reader what the Essay is about to mention.

Body: Body part. Is the part that combines content The main theme of the essay It will be the longest part of the essay. The body can be written in several paragraphs. Depending on the additional information we want to expand on or give readers an example to understand.

Conclusion: Conclusion is a review and insists on what the writer wants to communicate to the reader. Or to summarize all of the above for the readers to know The content focuses on gathering the main points from the Introduction and Body mentioned above.

For the body or the Body will have major functions. Is to provide additional information to the readers. In order to understand or be more in tune with our essay It consists of 3 sub-sections: Topic Sentence, Supporting sentences and Concluding sentences.

  • Topic Sentence is the first part of each body, which gives the reader an idea of ​​what this paragraph is about.
  • Supporting sentences Provides additional information or expands on the topic sentence, including giving examples. For readers to understand more
  • Concluding sentences is a summary of the paragraph to the reader again.

For a simple technique for writing a good topic sentence, it should be simple sentence or simple sentence. This will help make the sentences clear and easy to understand.

Essay writing techniques

1.Write a compelling introduction Don’t sum it all up from the start!

To read an Essay, the board usually only takes 1-2 minutes, so the intro should grab the reader’s attention right from the start. It is not uncommon to revise the introduction completely after you begin writing the Essay text. It is important not to summarize the entire introduction. Because it is equal to the content solution since the beginning This makes the readers do not want to read the content or not want to follow the next episode itself.

Including the board itself as well If writing the introduction of the children Is to summarize all The committee was not obliged to read the rest of Essay, so it should surprise or create a compelling urge to read in the introduction. By raising questions or issues for the board or readers to continue reading our Essay and to make the reader feel amenable to the emotions that the author wants to communicate.

  1. Check grammar carefully before submitting!

Simple grammar review technique before sending Is reading back after the last sentence and going up to the first sentence So that we can carefully examine each part, word by word, sentence by sentence to find the point of error itself. Because most writers, if they read the first sentence, usually think that our writing is great. But if you try to read back after the last sentence or above, it might be completely wrong.

  1. Use difficult vocabulary .. not compatible with the content.

For anyone who likes to leverage difficult words Leverage beautiful words Great decoration to use in writing Because I think that the more difficult the vocabulary is, the more skillful it shows and feels superior to others, but do you know that using those words in your essay? Does not always give us an advantage because if not sure what the meaning is Or unsure of how to organize a sentence It may distort the content that will be communicated to readers and may result in deductions.

For writing practice techniques Friends can learn to write on their own by setting up one of the topics they want to write on. Or you can ask a teacher at a school or university to give a topic to try writing. When writing the essay, bring it to the teacher to review the writing. To get advice on writing Or if any fault point is found Teachers are also able to help and give advice to us. It is also an increase in our writing skills.

  1. Forgot to include the source – reference

Friends need to learn how to cite the source correctly. It is a must-have and must-have skill. Which can consult and seek advice from teachers who teach English Learn from classmates Or read a lot of academic essays Can help increase this skill as well
Know the techniques and friends, do not forget to keep practicing Certify that he gets more votes and likes the directors regularly

Essay writing principles in English

Essay writing (essay) or English essay writing It is a must-see part of English language proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, which measure your writing potential. But it is the part that creates a lot of embarrassment Therefore, it is essential to understand the structure. And principles of writing Essay in English

What is Essay?
Essay is an essay or article written in English. It is often used to measure all English writing skills in English language proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Essay type
Essay comes in a variety of categories such as

  1. Process Essay: This is an essay that is written in chronological order such as chronological, chronological order.
  2. Argument Essay: An argument essay. It is a writing showing two reasons: Support and controversy
  3. Description Essay: This is an essay that describes facts such as stories, historical records.
  4. Definition Essay: This is a definition essay. By identifying topics on different issues Many of the authors, which are both concrete and abstract.
  5. Classification Essay: This is a separate type of essay. They are divided into groups and have the same source of information.
  6. Cause and Effect Essay: It is an essay that shows cause and effect. There is an event body structure → cause → result → event.
  7. Comparison and Contrast Essay: is an essay showing comparisons and contrasts.

Essay structure
Essay generally consists of 3 parts:

  1. An Introduction is the first part of the article. To say what this article is about Without adding much details. Introduction must attract readers. Brought into the topic And present the main theme The main elements that an Introduction must include is a general narrative or direction to the subject, a thesis statement, or a briefing of the main theme of the Essay, and a summary of the main topic, comments, and issues written in the Essay.
  2. Body is the body, the whole body. Theme of the essay Which this section will be the longest. Can have multiple paragraphs Most of which have 3-5 paragraphs. Body is responsible for providing additional information to the reader.
    • Body has two parts: Topic Sentence, the first part of each body tells the reader what the paragraph is talking about, and Supporting details provide additional information or clarification from the Topic Sentence, including giving examples to Readers to understand more
    • Provide additional information by illustrating, comparing, giving definitions, explaining the meaning. And there is a classification
    • Content must be relevant to the main theme.
    • Must present truthfulness and details that make it reasonable to the theme of the theme.
    • Must present details that support or describe ideas in our theme.
    • It presents content that convince the reader of reasonable facts.
  3. Conclusion: The last paragraph of the Essay is the summary of the content again, often with one paragraph.

Essay writing principles

  1. Select a topic
    We may have written according to a specific topic. Or choose to write on a topic independently If writing according to the specified topic Look at the big picture of the content or the specific analysis. Narrow our focus But if you choose to write on the topic independently First, determine the purpose of Essay whether it is to suggest or persuade. Once the objectives are set, find a topic that interests us and that is relevant to our life. Finally, evaluate our options. If the goal is education Then choose the content that we have learned Or if the goal is persuasion Then choose the content that we are passionate about However, writing an Essay must make sure you are really interested in your topic.
  2. Make a plan
    Even when writing during the exam Take a moment to plan your brainstorm before you start writing Essay, as planning your thoughts will help you find the best supporting idea or reason to support a topic sentence rather than the first idea. And they can be positioned in Essay in order. Supporting idea is the best idea is the clearest idea and the knowledge we have.
  3. Use a variety of words, phrases and sentences.
    The variety of sentences and vocabulary is one of the hallmarks of effective writing. Try to avoid repetitive use of words and phrases, while avoiding the beginning of boring sentences in the subject + verb + direct object (subject + verb + direct object) form.
  4. Make a check
    After finishing writing Read the review to check correct words, grammatical errors, paragraph order. If it is an essay explaining the process of doing something Make sure you write in the correct sequence of steps.
  5. Practice writing often.
    Writing good is not going to happen. Therefore, writing must be practiced often, even if the first piece of writing does not come out at the level masterpieces. But practicing writing often will make writing better and better and ready for the actual exam.

4 techniques for writing professional essay

Writing essay (essay) is an English essay that many people see, they have to shake their head and raise the white flag along the way. Because writing the essay correctly and to the point is not easy. But it is something that everyone can practice as well. The main structure of the essay is divided into 3 parts, namely Introduction, Body and Conclusion. By writing all three parts, in addition to having to write in English grammar. But it may take some writing techniques to get your essay interesting.

Write an intro to attract
An Introduction is an introduction that is considered the first paragraph of an essay, which is very important in writing because you will be writing according to the topic you set without being too long. This may take only 1-2 minutes to read, including writing to attract readers to feel the urge to read more. Another important aspect of writing an introduction is to write the main idea in this paragraph, letting the reader know what you want to mention. But be careful not to write a summary of everything in this paragraph.

Concise content, not disturbing, does not go out of style
Following the introduction, it would be inevitable to write in the body or the body itself, writing this paragraph is considered to be the longest part that has it all. Which you will be able to write in multiple paragraphs By writing in the Body, it is necessary to have a complete message. It is concise, simple and able to sequence the sequence naturally from start to finish without wobbling. In addition, you should not write off the topic. But the content should be written according to the Main idea, which is your duty to expand the reader’s understanding to the fullest extent possible.

Correct grammar Vocabulary to the content
One more thing, keep in mind that the Body section is the longest part of the essay and the reader will spend the most time reading and considering it. Therefore, it is also important to write correctly grammar or grammar and tense in English. Believe that if you write correct tenses in English You are guaranteed to be more than half of the victory. There are also parts of the English vocabulary that should be taken with extra caution as well. That is, leverage out the hard words to make the sentences look spectacular. If you are confident that it will fit your content, it will be nice and special to your essay, but if it doesn’t fit your content, it will definitely make your essay look distorted.

Write an impressive summary
Conclusion is the final paragraph of the essay, emphasizing the main idea and summarizing what we are writing about. That is the topic that we wrote. You can also write an interesting ending by adding the author’s opinion in this. They try to avoid the word “I think…” but may use the word “In my opinion,…” instead. You can simply start a cool sentence saying “In conclusion, in my opinion…” and then an extended sentence. It will make your conclusion interesting. And impress the readers even more as well

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